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Avisa General Trading is a registered L.L.C company (Limited Liability Company) located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is owned and managed by renowned Industry experts. Avisa is an established multi-pronged trading platform offering innovative products and pioneering services from anti-radiation gears to natural products for wellness and well-being of human body.

Our Brand

Ionic Msm Ltd.

Ionic MSM has a wide range of health and wellness products that are natural and organic. All the products are based on pure MSM (Organic Sulphur) that is essential in making strong cartilage, bones, and to build keratin. A unique range of beauty & personal care products solutions specially designed to help you live a balanced, healthy life.


Modern Lifestyle has included a lot electronic gadgets that have made our lives easier and simpler, but they also have strong ill effects on our health. These electronic gadgets emit highly dangerous electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and heat that can cause damage to our eyes, brain and much more. As digital age is simply unimaginable without these gadgets, at RADIule we have crafted a line of anti-radiation shields and gears.


Freshcon Wellness Limited established in 1985, is engaged in manufacturing and sale of natural products of herbo – mineral origin. It becomes essential to breathe fresh air and most of the air fresheners commonly available in market contain chemicals that we generally inhale. Freshule has developed innovative solutions to curb odour related problems that will suit every requirement and budget size. In our products, we use organic Activated Carbon that is chemical-free and non-toxic in nature.

We have an extensive range of products to offer that take

care of your complete wellness.



Anti Wrinkle Skin Face Gel

MSM Organic Anti Wrinkle Skin Face Gel is 100% natural made from Organic Sulfur which is also known as a Beauty Mineral. It helps in reducing the signs of skin aging thus make you look young and beautiful. The new and improved formula specially designed to suit the skin for both, men and women. It has no added chemicals and is totally therapeutic.

 Activated Charcoal Face Wash

IONIC MSM Activated Charcoal Face Wash is the best-selling product in UAE and other Countries. It is 100% organic with all natural ingredients along with Miracle Crystal which is natural Sulphur and has the property of skin softening and skin smoothening. It also penetrates the skin cells and gives better result after every wash.

Skin Whitening & Skin Toner Gel

MSM Skin Whitening Gel is a natural formula for radiant white skin. The organic sulphur, MSM is building block for the healthy skin, removes dark spots & promotes a gleaming complexion. It comprises of active Glycerin agent that reduces dryness and keeps the skin hydrated. MSM Skin Whitening Gel helps in removing acne & blemishes, and rejuvenates the skin cells.

MSM Hair Growth Gel

MSM which is the purest form of Sulphur has been used to strengthen and fortify hair from many decades now. MSM Hair Growth Gel is made from a pioneering blend of MSM with sulfur compounds – just the right kind of solution that you desire. Sulfur compounds enable scalp health, keeping it hydrated and moisturized at all times. MSM organic hair growth gel is completely organic without any chemicals. It strengthens the hair roots and stimulates the scalp to ensure that oxygenated blood flows in a homogeneous manner. It is useful for both men and women and all hair types.

MSM Skin Smoothening Gel

MSM Stretch Mark Gel is a product specially designed for both Men & Women that completely removes the stretch marks formed on your body due to pregnancy or normal weight gain/weight loss. The sulfur compound moisturizes and hydrates the inner cells of the skin in a manner that leads to increase in the cell elasticity and strengthens the cell membrane. It helps skin to bounce back after getting stretched by the process of pregnancy, weight gain or extreme weight loss. MSM Stretch Mark Gel works directly on the inner skin tissues and heals the skin from the core. It helps in removal of stretch marks formed in the dermis.


MSM Charcoal Diamond Tooth Powder is a unique combination of activated carbon and organic sulfur. Charcoal is known to cure many dental ailments such infections and cavities, while MSM is known to heal gum diseases and toothaches as it is a natural pain-killer and antibacterial agent. The added bonus is brightening up of teeth. These properties of MSM and charcoal make MSM Charcoal Diamond Tooth Powder a must-have product for tooth care. Say hello every morning with MSM Charcoal Diamond Tooth Powder!

MSM Charcoal Diamond-Skin Whitening Soap

Bringing you the MSM’s skin lightening and brightening properties, Charcoal Diamond: Whitening Soap Bar gives your skin a healthy brighter tone. Activated carbon or charcoal is also known to brighten up the skin. MSM Charcoal Diamond: Whitening Soap Bar thus combines skin brightening properties of both MSM and activated carbon. Tone up your skin a tad brighter with MSM Charcoal Diamond: Whitening Soap Bar!

Verve MSM Glycerin Soap

“Glycerin, a sugar-alcohol compound, (the pure chemical product is called Glycerol,  while the impure commercial product is called Glycerin) is an organic compound composed of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. It’s a thick (viscous), colorless and odorless liquid. It is soluble in water, sweet to taste and is non-toxic too.It is 100% natural and nourishes your skin from within. With glycerin, you can bid adieu to side effects such as rashes and breakouts and welcome a soft and supple skin!Combine this with the benefits of MSM and you will see the magic! This soap is uniquely formulated and is totally non-toxic to the extent that it can be used on kids’ skin as well.”

Verve Goat Milk Luxury Soap-120g , All Natural & Handmade

All Natural, Handmade and Organic Soap with Goat Milk goodness and packed with Vitamins & Minerals to Prevent your skin from any breakouts, pimples or redness and make you skin fresh, soft and glowing.
“100% Organic & Handmade, Product of USA. 120g Long Lasting Bar, Improved Packaging, Luxury quality”

Verve Black Seed Luxury Soap-120g, All Natural & Handmade

All Natural, Handmade and Organic Soap with Black Seed Oil and Black seeds that make your skin wrinkle free and tighten-up the pores, makes your skin Youthful, soft and healthy.
“100% Organic & Handmade, Product of USA. 120g Long Lasting Bar, New Improved Packaging, Luxury quality”

MSM Activated Charcoal Diamond Black Mask Pack

MSM Charcoal Diamond Black Mask Pack is specially designed and tested extensively to give bright, radiant skin from its very first use. The pack has been proven to have the combined benefits of MSM and active charcoal. Activated charcoal will remove dead skin cells, impurities, bacteria, blemishes, blackheads, scar marks. It has a lightening impact on skin and retracts melamine so that you look 2-3 shades brighter. MSM Charcoal Diamond Black Mask Pack is best for dead and damage skin, removes tan naturally and repairs the skin cells from within.

MSM Activated Charcoal Face Scrub

MSM Charcoal Diamond Scrub Double action of MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) and charcoal reduces wrinkles, acne Scars, blackheads and act as a body & face Cleanser faster and quicker way. Sulfur is the 3rd largest & most important nutrient found in our body. The presence of it at maximum level makes the product most unique. Charcoal performs the action of drawing out the toxins from the infected area of skin. The main purpose of using activated charcoal is to perform deep cleanse from within the skin and remove dust, dirt, impurities, itchiness from the skin.

Activated Charcoal Bamboo ToothBrush with Wooden Handle.

It has natural whitening property. Power of Activated Charcoal Bristle. 100% Biodegradable and Organic in nature. New Look and sleek design. No Plastic Used.  Product of Ionic MSM Inc. USA.

Radiule Anti-Radiation Microwave Apron cum Maternity Wrap:

Protect yourself from harmful radiation source from Microwave, Wi-Fi Routers and other Home Appliances. 100% Cotton Material with anti-radiation protective metallic mesh inside.

It can be used as a maternity wrap to protect your baby from all source of harmful radiation. Radiation through Microwave, Home Appliances and Wi-Fi Routers is major cause of many diseases and complications in human body. Radiation is major cause for miscarriage in pregnant women.

We bring you an Innovative shielding to protect you from hazards of Radiation, now you can Cook at ease, Live at ease. Product made in collaboration with: Ionic Radiation Solutions Inc USA.


Available in two colors: Burberry Check & Pink Check

Laptop Radiation Shield

Laptop Radiation Shield acts as a protective layer between you and your laptop to protect you from the hazardous effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitting through the laptop. Laptops generate Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) and when Bluetooth, WiFi and wireless cellular connections are used, they emit higher frequency radiation. All three of these sources are very close to your genitals, skin and muscles. Your exposure to these dangerous radiations may create bodily reactions such as skin rashes and muscle soreness. Laptop Radiation Shield is super slim, flexible and highly durable cover that blocks the generated heat and thus acts as a thermal shield that resists thermal wave flow and makes it radiation resistant.

RadiULE – Anti Radiation Mobile patch

It prevents the harmful radiation by making it non-bio-effective for the human body without reducing the device functioning and signal strength. It protects your brain and body against the harmful effects of cell phone radiation such as a headache, memory loss, nausea dizziness, impaired vision, to name a few.

250g Air Purifying Bag

Let your car drive be always refreshing. Use Freshule to remove the bad odor from your car space and interiors. This product has been developed for compact spaces like your car-interior. It acts best in an area of 90 square feet and completely absorbs the toxic and polluting aerosol-smells. Being chemical-free Freshule refreshes your car interiors naturally. the space naturally.

500g Air Purifying Bag

Freshule 500grams bag has been designed for a coverage area of 250 square feet and is ideal for spaces like cars, boats, closets, bathrooms, pet areas and laundry rooms. It dehumidifies and detoxifies the target area. Acting as an odor absorber our product Freshule gives you absolute fresh air without any bad odor. It is 100% natural and chemical free!

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