RAD-i-BLOCK is basically using for protecting the users from harmful radiation which explore from electronic gadgets. It is a pad which can be used as mouse pad; you have to keep your electronic gadgets on the RAD-i-BLOCK and it reduces the harmful electromagnetic radiation and heat which can dangerous for our health. It prevents overheating while your computer is on your lap.

In collaboration with: Ionic Radiation Solution Inc. USA

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RadiULE Anti Radiation Mobile Patch

RadiULE Anti Radiation Mobile Patch is a radiation protective shield developed after extensive scientific research. The base of the Mobile Patch is specially made from nickel with the coating of silver that enhances its shielding effectiveness for protection against the Electromagnetic Radiations emitted through various mobile phones. Once it is fixed on the back side of mobile phones or any other electronic gadgets, it gives you 99% protection against the unwanted harmful radiations that are invisible to the common man.

RadiULE protects us from the various harmful effects of RF Radiations emitted from the mobile phones or tablets.

  • It prevents the harmful radiations by making it non-bio-effective for the human body without reducing the quality of device and signal strength
  • It protects your brain and body against the harmful effects of cell phone radiation such as a headache, memory loss, nausea, dizziness, impaired vision, to name a few
  • Exceptional shielding capacity from all types of Radio-frequency radiation
  • Compatible with all mobile handsets and various tablets available in the market
  • The mobile patch has also been found to reduce stress levels by 50 percent
  • This unique mobile patch not only maintains the absorption barrier but also ensures that the shielded wavelengths do not vary in pitch or amplitude, thereby creating a permanent “no-radiation entry” zones across your head and body
  • The best part of the anti-radiation patch is that it does not affect the signal strength of the mobiles

How does the Anti Radiation Mobile Patch work?

  • The anti-radiation patch absorbs the Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) and locks the wavelength
  • This patch latches the entire spectra and creates a protective shield that cannot be transcended
  • Extremely simple and easy to use
  • Simply peel off the flip-cover of the patch and stick it on to the flip side of your phone
  • The adhesive coating acts as a fastener for the chip and the mobile surface
  • The anti-radiation patch works as soon as you fix it on to your mobile phone – it’s that simple

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Available in two colors: Burberry Check & Pink 

Radiule Anti-Radiation Microwave Apron cum Maternity Wrap

Protect yourself from harmful radiation source from Microwave, Wi-Fi Routers and other Home Appliances. 100% Cotton Material with anti-radiation protective metallic mesh inside.

It can be used as a maternity wrap to protect your baby from all source of harmful radiation. Radiation through Microwave, Home Appliances and Wi-Fi Routers is major cause of many diseases and complications in human body. Radiation is major cause for miscarriage in pregnant women.

We bring you an Innovative shielding to protect you from hazards of Radiation, now you can Cook at ease, Live at ease. Product made in collaboration with: Ionic Radiation Solutions Inc USA.

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